Blog 2. The Essentials


  1. Powder/Liquid Foundation – Get a colour match at your local store and the make-up artist will hopefully guide you to the right base for your skin type, depending if you are normal, oily or dry, leading to the right colour shade.

I use Nars Sheer Glow foundation in the shade ‘Tahoe’, £31, – They have funny names! ..wait until I get to my blusher. This foundation is for the dewy look (up until 2 months ago I only got to learn what the word dewy meant.. for those who are on the same boat as I was, it means the ‘glowy’ or ‘sheen’ .. basically, its the opposite to matte!). It is a medium to build-able coverage, so not Betty Crocker frosting coverage.

In terms of Powder foundation, I use MAC Studio Fix Powder in the shade ‘NC 43’, £22 – I do not use this with my foundation as I like the shininess (If thats a word). Studio Fix Powder has an amazing full coverage matte finish which can be used on its own with a bit of concealer under the eyes or for blemishes, which is next!

2. Concealer – It’s not for everyone! I use it rarely, mainly for my blemishes or acne scars. You can use it for under the eyes or for the face. I, however am extra and have both.. just because.

So! Under the eyes to cover up those dark shadows, I use Nars Creamy Radiance in the shade ‘Caramel’, £22, – This concealer has a great sponge applicator which you can spread easily without making a mess. It has a light and creamy (as it says in the name) texture and gives a smooth finish! Okay so lets get real, all concealers tend to crease, this one does but slightly, I have used concealers in the past which crease so bad I looked like I’ve aged in 10 mins to 60! Not lying!

The second concealer I use when I wear my powder foundation, is the Studio Finish concealer in the shade ‘NW35’, £15.50 – Extremely heavy and full coverage, DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT wear under the eyes, it is way to heavy for this, as the skin under your eyes is vastly thinner than other parts of your face, therefore, the concealer will tend to crease and skin into fine lines under the eyes – creating the aged look ( unless if that your thing .. then you go glen coco!) – Mean Girls.

        Tip – Always set concealer with a setting powder, this can be Banana Powder which you can get online or a translucent setting powder which is everywhere. This stops the product from moving or smudging or creasing and helps it last longer. 

3. Blush –  This adds colour to the face and gives a dimension. If you observe your face when you just wear foundation, concealer and powder, it will tend to look flat. When you add blush and or bronzer, you start to add a dimension and shape to your face.

I use a blush called from Nars called ‘Orgasm’, £23.50.. hehe!! yes, Orgasm. Its beautiful pink with fine shimmer of gold, which add a highlight look and also adds to my shininess! BUT! If you don’t like pink or shimmer, there is a blush from MAC Cosemetics called ‘Coppertone’, £18.50  which is a perfect natural colour, more peachy browny and is completely matte (No shimmer).

4. Mascara, Eyeliners and Eyeshadow palette – Ok, Eyeshadows is not really an essential but It’s better to have 3 or more colours of eyeshadows, you never know when you’re gonna need it! BUT! eyeliner is a MUST! Please ladies, if you have never had an eyeliner or used an eyeliner, stop reading and go to your local  super drug store and buy a pencil eyeliner or liquid one!

In terms of eyeshadow I use Bourjois Smokey eyes trio in the shade ‘Moredore chic 3’, £7.99 from Superdrugs. – There are 3 shades of goldy/browny shades in one pot! It goes light to dark so you have all 3 shades to play around with.

             Tip – You can use the lighter shadow colours under your brow bone, on the bridge of your nose and on your cupids bow to add a highlighted effect that creates an illusion to strengthen these fine features. 

For eyeliner I use a gel eye liner from Maybelline called ‘Eye Studio Gel Liner Black’, £7.99 – I use a gel liner as its extremely black and easy to draw a line ontop of your eyelid. It also does not smudge or ‘sweat off’ in comparison to normal liquid liners. The Maybelline eyeliner comes with a liner brush, but I use MAC eye liner as it has more of a precision point, this is the number ‘209’, £16.50 (Yes! I know, way too much for a brush! but its worth it!)

Mascara is a hard one, there are hundreds of mascaras out there but everyone has their own preference! It’s hard to say what is the best one but I use L’Oreal Falsh Lash Telescopic in ‘Black’, £10.99 – Ive used this mascara for 2 years now (no! not the same one! Thats just gross).. the head of the brush is skinny and firm with plastic bristles, for me, this extends my lashes longer and separates them more, rather than clumps them together.

5. Lipgloss/ Lipstick –  Its a personal one, as each individual has their own preference, I like nudes and shiny finish. It’s only when I’m going out for the evening  when the rare red creeps out!

My absolute favourite lipgloss is from MAC Cosmetics called ‘Deelight’, £17.50 – it’s an extremely soft pink, great for the daytime look and for beginners. Deelight has a smooth and creamy finish, non of this sticky business where your hair gets stuck to your lips and you get mad at your self for putting lipgloss on in the first place!

In terms of lipstick its again, from MAC called ‘Hug Me’, £15.50, – This lipstick is a nude brown with a shiny finish! It is not as pigmented as other lipsticks as it has a subtle colour of pinkish brown tones to it. Again, great for the day time but can be worn in the evenings with a dark brown lip liner to exaggerate the colour more.

         Tip – To get a matte lip look without the dry, crusty and chapped feeling, get a lip liner  in a colour of your choice and colour your entire lip in! Easy peasy! Lip liners have a creamy consistency rather than a lipstick which exterminates the dry, chapped feeling on the lips. Oooh! and for the sheen (optional) use a very small amount vaseline and spread all over, take a tissue and press your lips over the tissue. 






Blog 1. About the Author

Hello Readers!

My name is Karina and this is my first ever blog, I plan to write about the art and beauty of MakeUp but before I get into this, let me give you a background check of myself.

On 8th December 1993, my mother gave birth to a 6lb 5oz baby girl. I am named after the indian actress Kareena Kapoor, (spelt differently, pronounced the same) for those of you who do not know her, Google and Bollywood movies will be your best help! I am now 21 years old with size 2 feet (Not that anyone wants to know, thought I would add some freaky info) I have an incredibly supporting family and as sad as it sounds, my mum is my bestie, as we bond over swear words and the same dry sense of humour. I don’t have a sister where I can fight over clothes and shoes or take things when I please without asking, this tends to happen A LOT with my mum as we share the love of make up and hair products. Growing up and seeing her use Estee Lauder make up palettes and the large Elnett hair spray bottles longer than my leg was one the highlights of my childhood. I as well as other girl members in my family (cousins) and my friends were her models, I guess you could say, after all these years of being her dummy and seeing all the different products she has used, I’ve grown up with makeup.

Anyways, fast forward to 16 years later, I got my first summer job as a BeneBabe, it was for a makeup brand called Benefit Cosmetics, that job lasted around 3 months, as I started college that September and in those 3 months I fell in love with makeup. I got to know all the ins and outs, tips, the Dos and Don’ts, I fell in love with the products and the art itself.

I have experience in working for MAC Cosmetics with a bunch of girls who are such a ‘deelight’ – MAC girls would find this pun hilarious. I get shown easy tricks that make a vast difference such as makeup that can change the shape of your face is just mind-blowing and here I will share all the knowledge I have about makeup and hopefully you will see the love I have for it.

Enjoy the photos of my childhood and my bestie!


Mum and I - My graduation
Mum and I – My graduation


My mum and I - She got me dressed for my 21st birthday
My mum and I – She got me dressed for my 21st birthday